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Have only girls been born for a long time in this village?

Support for the claim appears to rest on explicit birth records, although interviews with families in the village were also conducted. The New York Post writes (emphasis mine) According to birth ...
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Have only girls been born for a long time in this village?

Generally if such statistics would exist, they would be available to every Polish citizen per freedom of information act. Alas, there are no such statistics in Poland. While the claim might be true, ...
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Did an American woman give birth to 17 babies at once?

No, this is a fictional article. The source of the article is the World News Daily Report (WNDR). Their disclaimer page explains: WNDR assumes however all responsibility for the satirical nature ...
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Is legal induced abortion significantly more safe than childbirth?

Regarding claims of under-reporting The implications of points 1-3 are that deaths due to abortion are being unreported because some states do not require certain types of reporting. But most do... ...
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Have fewer children with Down Syndrome been born in the United States?

You may find relevant information in the paper Estimates of the live births, natural losses, and elective terminations with Down syndrome in the United States, published by Skotko along with Gert de ...
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Does having a natural birth offer health benefits to the child vs. use of pain medication?

Using of Epidurals and painkillers during childbirth was not shown to have long lasting effects on the baby1. It can affect the course of the birth, prolonging it and by slightly increasing chance for ...
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Do long working hours in Spain affect birth rate?

Hours Worked First, Spain does not have excessively long hours of work among OECD countries. Source: OECD.Stat: In fact, at 1,691 hours per annum in 2015, Spain is slightly below the median of 1,...
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Do long working hours in Spain affect birth rate?

Disclaimer: This is difficult to actually prove without performing rather intrusive research into the lives of Spanish couples. For part 1: No, they don't work longer hours (source). They do, however, ...
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