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Are 40,000 Americans injured by toilets every year?

According to the CDC, that number is low. They published a report in 2011 which examined 2008 data from bathroom injuries. They looked at many details, including the types of injuries, where and how ...
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If I buy "flushable" wipes, can I flush them without problems?

This website from ThamesWater (a water management company in UK) states that they are not flushable, and even shows you why. Other sources tell the same story:
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Are people more likely to use the toilet stalls in the middle?

The paper Christenfeld, Choices from identical options, Psychological Science, 1995 (pdf) made observations as follows: A public restroom at a California state beach was used for this study. The men'...
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If I buy "flushable" wipes, can I flush them without problems?

In the UK it depends on the product The UK Water Industry (WI) has set specification WIS 4-02-06 (set in 2019) for toilet wet wipes which are fine to flush. Any wet wipes certified fine to flush have ...
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Does placing a fly on a urinal improve cleanliness in men's toilets?

Where did the 80% claim come from? According to the 2009 NPR article There's A Fly In My Urinal: When flies were introduced at Schiphol Airport, spillage rates dropped 80 percent, says manager ...
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