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Have only girls been born for a long time in this village?

Support for the claim appears to rest on explicit birth records, although interviews with families in the village were also conducted. The New York Post writes (emphasis mine) According to birth ...
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Have only girls been born for a long time in this village?

Generally if such statistics would exist, they would be available to every Polish citizen per freedom of information act. Alas, there are no such statistics in Poland. While the claim might be true, ...
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Is melatonin used as a contraceptive in Europe?

"Europe" is rather larger and more diverse than Americans sometimes think - medical practice, and medicine availability, is different in the UK than in France, and different again in the ...
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Of all humans ever born, did most men not become fathers?

This is not my area of scientific expertise. I cannot say if this study by Wilder et al is correct or not, but I can read the study and compare their conclusions to Baumeister's. Wilder et al ...
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Is possible for male human to breast feed?

Yes it is possible. See Father's Milk Discover February 1995. We’ve known for some time that many male mammals, including some men, can undergo breast development and lactate under special ...
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Does orgasm trigger menstruation?

No. And actually, there is no claim. That is just a misunderstanding. And one that does not make any sense in terms of human reproductive functions. If orgasm would trigger menstruations way out of ...
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Is prolonged/frequent use of mobile phones responsible for sperm reduction in younger men?

The conclusion of the underlying paper is: [A] lack of clear evidence for a negative association between mobile phone use and male fertility Given the 13-year duration of this study, and how much ...
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Is melatonin used as a contraceptive in Europe?

Melatonin has certainly been tested in contraceptive pills in Europe, as the Washington Post (1995) reports: Now Applied Medical Research Ltd., a fledgling drug company in Fairfax, hopes to change ...
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Did classical Greeks claim that children are solely products of the father's sperm?

The idea that a man contributed the seed and a woman was a "container" was prevalent in the ancient world, as it has been noted above. It's even part of Apollo's main argument in the final play of ...
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Is melatonin used as a contraceptive in Europe?

Not in Sweden, Melatonin is used for sleep problems. This (pdf) Melatonin leaflet mentions Women of childbearing potential should use contraception during treatment. However, Melatonin Orifarm may be ...
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