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Are 'white women' only 4% of the world population?

The world population is estimated to be 7.4 billion source. 4% of that is 296 million. The population of Europe is 740 million source, North America - 565 million source, South America - 410 million ...
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Did the world Jewish population increase between 1933 and 1948?

According to the Nizkor Project, the numbers are real, but wrong, as they under-estimate the Jewish population before the Holocaust, and overestimate it after the Holocaust - not on purpose, but ...
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Is this forecast predicting massive global depopulation until 2025 legit?

Steemit.com vastly overstates the reliance of Intelligence sources on deagel.com, to the point of outright lying. Deagel.com is not a reliable source of information and has a history of making doom-...
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Does 58% of Qatar's population live in 'labour camps'?

Yes, this is correct. The official results of the 2015 Qatari census clearly show that out of a total population of 2,404,776, 1,442,882 live in "labour camps". The numbers solve to a labour camp ...
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Did a Planned Parenthood vice president write a memo discussing fertility reduction?

I understand the claim you want to be tested is the claim by the Wikipedia page of Frederick S. Jaffe that there existed a memo he wrote that contained the table provided. The Wikipedia page provides ...
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Do 50% of Canadians live south of the 45°42′N latitude?

Close Enough The claim is from 2015. Canada in 2016 had a population of 35,151,728. Looking at the 2016 population for Census Metropolitan Areas in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia in that area with ...
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Could 7 billion people fill Los Angeles if they stood shoulder to shoulder?

Is there some other way they got to this number that I'm not seeing?? Yes: they actually got the math right. I mean this with the greatest of respect, but you've simply gotten the calculations wrong. ...
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Does innovation or productivity per resident increase by 15 percent, every time the size of a city doubles?

This claim stems from theoretical physicist and urban theorist Geoffrey West, portrayed in this NYT article. The paper is called Growth, innovation, scaling, and the pace of life in cities (PNAS 2007, ...
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Is there more than one registered motor vehicle for every adult in the US?

The United States Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) reports that there are 272,480,899 vehicles that are registered for for highway use as of 2017. An additional ...
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Is the number of Muslims correlated with terrorist attacks?

A study by Fish et al (2010) concludes: Relying on cross-national analysis, the authors find no evidence of a correlation between the proportion of a country’s population that is made up of ...
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Can Zipf's power law be applied to the population of European cities?

The observation that the population of the cities in any given country is inversely proportional to their rank was made, long before Zipf, by the physicist Felix Auerbach in his article “Das Gesetz ...
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Will the human population reach 8-9 billion around 2050 and then decline?

Bricker and Ibbitson claimed (in a Guardian article): "But a growing body of opinion believes the UN is wrong. We will not reach 11 billion by 2100. Instead, the human population will top out at ...
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Did a Planned Parenthood vice president write a memo discussing fertility reduction?

While the other answers are good, the Senate record is from 1973, four years after the memo was written. The first publication of the table alone was in "U.S. Population Growth and Family ...
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Did a Planned Parenthood vice president write a memo discussing fertility reduction?

Yes, Jaffe's Memo is real. Guttmacher Institute (former Planned Parenthood branch) republished it, along with other documents by Frederick Jaffe on its official website, in the FAQ section: Who was ...
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Will the human population reach 8-9 billion around 2050 and then decline?

It is impossible to be certain about the future, so "Will the global population decline after the middle of the century?" does not have a definitive answer The UN World Population Prospects ...
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Are 'white women' only 4% of the world population?

Not according to the US government definition of "white". White – A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa. Black or African ...
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