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Are some oceans so remote that the closest person is in the space station?

It is a common misconception that something in (Low Earth) orbit (like the ISS) is far away. This is not the case -- orbit is more about going sideways really fast than it is about "being up". (xkcd --...
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Is it theoretically possible to sail from north east Russia to Pakistan in a straight line?

An issue of Projection of a 3D globe on a 2D surface. It becomes immediately obvious once you look at an actual 3D globe that the line is, indeed, straight. The other side is just lots of Pacific ...
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Is it theoretically possible to sail from north east Russia to Pakistan in a straight line?

What they are saying is that, if you leave Kamchatka in the correct direction, you can sail to Pakistan without changing the rudder setting. It does not mean you will always follow the same compass ...
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Are some oceans so remote that the closest person is in the space station?

A picture gives a sense of proportion. To the Earth, a rock diameter 13000km, clings a wisp of atmosphere. The troposphere, where everyone has ever breathed, is thinner than 20km. Above, space. The ...
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Is Rub' al Khali the largest sand desert in the world?

These rankings are all a matter of what counts and what doesn’t. For examples, I’ve constructed three similar rankings, each one a little stricter—which forces out some contenders, and gives those ...
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Can one estimate accurately the time until sunset using the width of one's fingers?

Nearly True This works, but there is one detail missing, and depending on your latitude the picture could be misleading. The sun moves approximately one finger width across the sky each 15 minutes, ...
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Do 10 Asian and African rivers generate 90% of plastic trash in the ocean?

If the question is about those specific countries: No, plastic in those rivers can have come from a different country. ..Therefore, the rivers might be Asian/African, the plastic is not (therefore, ...
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Can Polaris be seen from the Australian tropics?

The current night sky as seen from Nairobi, Kenya (1°17′ south latitude) and from Darwin, Australia (12°27′ south latitude) are shown below. Nairobi, Kenya night sky: Darwin, Australia night sky: ...
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Do 50% of Canadians live south of the 45°42′N latitude?

Close Enough The claim is from 2015. Canada in 2016 had a population of 35,151,728. Looking at the 2016 population for Census Metropolitan Areas in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia in that area with ...
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Secret instructions for the German submarines for the cruise to Agartha, a hidden land in the Antarctic. Are they authentic?

No. This is at first glance a quite elaborate but then on only slighty closer inspection quite sloppy fake in all respect. Other versions of the same scam in varying qualities, click to enlarge: ...
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Is there a place in the world where two oceans meet and they don't mix?

To answer your question, "Is there a place in the world where two oceans meet and they don't mix?" No, the water mixes it just isn't instantaneous. Saline, temperature differences, and pollutants can ...
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Has Google Maps represented Palestine as a country in the past?

It seems the OP jumped the gun by writing a draft of the post and sitting on it, and then posting the question without checking up on the old video. AJ+ has deleted that video and put up a new one, ...
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Is part of Himalayan mountain Kangtega a secret base?

I am asked to interpret satellite and air photos on a regular basis for my job and sometimes for the press. People spot things in them all the time and almost always misinterpret them. A funny one ...
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Must the surface of all standing water have a certain degree of convexity (every part must be an arc of a circle)?

The calculations leave out important factors as to why you can still see things lower than 300 feet. This is a replication of the Bedford Level experiment It's a well known, classic experiment done ...
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Is Rub' al Khali the largest sand desert in the world?

Table 5.1 of Aeolian Sand and Sand Dunes lists all sand deserts (ergs) that are larger than 12,000 km2. The second largest at 560,000 km2 is Rub' al Khali. The largest at 630,000 km2 ...
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Is Arabic the 4th most common language used on internet?

With regards to this question, How come arabs be so verbose in the field of chatting and be so unproductive in terms of internet content? a possible answer comes from this sentence in the IWS site:...
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Is Arabic the 4th most common language used on internet?

Most likely true There is little doubt that first 3 languages are English, Chinese and Spanish. The contestants for number 4 spot would be: Portugese Russian Hindi Arabic If you look at number ...
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Is Dalmatia one of the rainiest places in Europe?

The article in question messes around with the geography quite a bit. Areas that are climatically and geographically very different are handled under the same label, which is kind of nonsensical. It ...
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Is Spain ”the second most mountainous country in Europe”?

The claim used to be true in a restricted sense and maybe forcing a bit the rules. In light of the list of countries by average elevation from Wikipedia, Spain had the second largest mean elevation in ...
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Do the U.S. interstate numbers correspond to land area?

The numbering system is sequential. It is not a measurement system for land area. The scheme requires that I-80 is farther north than I-10, I-20, and so on. But it does not prescribe that I-80 be a ...
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Have numerous people disappeared "without trace" at Black Mountain National Park?

From the A Far Northern Landmark Sydney Mail 24 April 1935: COOKTOWN, Queensland's most northerly town, which for nearly half a century has been one of the 'ghost' towns of the far north, is ...
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Are the locations of Roman roads still linked to higher prosperity today?

Partially. The locations of Roman roads are still linked to higher prosperity today within Europe, but not the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA). This would be expected, if the usage of these ...
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Is there an alignment in the separation of ancient temples / complexes?

A quick Google search gives Angkor wat: 13.4125° N, 103.8670° E Great pyramid of Giza: 29.9792° N, 31.1342° E So they differ in longitude by 72.73° Easter island is at 27.1127° S, 109.3497° W ...
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When did people first know the Earth was a sphere?

Eratosthenes had proved the Earth was round and calculated its circumference to within 1% of its actual circumference (he calculated 1°, i.e. 1/360, of circumference to be 59.5 nautical (6076 ft) ...
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Are some oceans so remote that the closest person is in the space station?

No, this is just wrong. Look for example at this picture in this link where they mapped some the ships which sent some AISat (Automatic Identification) signal (and these are not all ships, airplanes, ...
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