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Does the Creighton Method of Natural Family Planning have a failure rate of 3.2% or less?

In 2018, my colleagues and I published a comprehensive systematic review examining the extent and quality of evidence on all fertility awareness based methods (FABMs) for pregnancy prevention for ...
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Does the Creighton Method of Natural Family Planning have a failure rate of 3.2% or less?

3.2% sounds somewhat good, but notice that the quoted failure rates are per year, not per couple. For a couple using this method, over a ten year period, there is a 28% chance of at least one ...
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Does the Creighton Method of Natural Family Planning have a failure rate of 3.2% or less?

The Creighton Method of NFP is fairly effective, but in lab research not quite as effective as the market copy with perfect use. Use effectiveness of the Creighton model ovulation method of natural ...
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Is the withdrawal/pull-out method efficient if used correctly?

Firstly, the 4% perfect use failure rate is merely someone's guess, particularly James Trussell as author of "Contraceptive failure in the United States", Contraception vol. 70, pages 89-96: Our ...
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Does "Plan B" (Levonorgestrel) prevent implantation of fertilized eggs?

I looked into the references from the other answers (and some more references), here is what I learned. The TL;DR version: Levonorgestrel is not effective at preventing pregnancy in women who have ...
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Does the oral contraceptive pill "age" a woman's cervix prematurely?

Researchers at Boston University’s School of Public Health discovered in 2013 that long-term users of oral contraceptives, similar to short-term users, experienced a temporary delay in fertility when ...
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Are the birth-control hormones present in the drinking water?

Yes, trace amounts of birth control medications, other medications, and household and industrial chemicals are really present in drinking water. According to the US Geological Survey study ...
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Does birth control decrease gray matter in the brain?

Oral Contraceptives actually increases gray matter. According to 50 years of hormonal contraception—time to find out, what it does to our brain (Belinda A. Pletzer and Hubert H. Kerschbaum), areas of ...
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Does contraception cause infidelity and/or divorce?

As others have pointed out, there are problems with the original questions, but that does not invalidate the original idea. A primary usage of contraceptives is to prevent children, and we know they ...
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Is the cervix pierced during the insertion of an IUD?

This seems to come down to what you mean by "pierce". I have no familiarity with the procedure, but I think I've been able to find plenty of evidence online indicating that the video is a ...
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Does "Plan B" (Levonorgestrel) prevent implantation of fertilized eggs?

A fact sheet on emergency contraception by the WHO from February 2016 claims: Levonorgestrel emergency contraceptive pills are not effective once the process of implantation has begun The FIGO ...
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