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Does talking to a rubber duck improve programmer performance when debugging?

You're not going to find studies that do something like compare the effectiveness of a rubber duck vs a stuffed parrot specifically for programmers working on debugging tasks, nor can we really ...
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Did Lord Kelvin say "If you can not measure it, you can not improve it"?

He didn't say that exact quote; Lord Kelvin tended towards rambling, so if you see any particularly pithy one-liner quotes, it probably wasn't him. His actual quote? I often say that when you can ...
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Do Open-Plan Offices have productivity advantages?

Abstract It depends. Among other things, it depends on how it's managed and what the occupants' expectations of sound-field are. Most organizations implementing open plan outside the financial ...
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Do workplace performance appraisals and workplace goal-setting exercises hurt morale?

Current understanding for appraisals Appraisals which are not linked to monetary outcomes such as bonuses, promotions, or pay rises seem to have detrimental effects for some types of employees. ...
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Do programmers who learn to type faster become better programmers?

According to Cognitive Consequences of Programming: Augmentations to Basic Instruction Journal of Educational Computing Research , volume 2, pages 75-93 (1986): Teachers we surveyed recommended ...
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