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Is Spain ”the second most mountainous country in Europe”?

As the question demonstrates, the actual definitions used are unclear, and there could be many possible answers. Chapter 3 of the Nordregio's 2004 report for the European Commission, Mountain Areas ...
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Did a US Navy ship demand that a lighthouse get out of its path, thinking it was another ship?

It's fake. Until the last couple of lines, the script matches almost exactly the Snopes disproven internet joke: The Obstinate Lighthouse. That includes number of degrees, direction of suggested ...
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Did Spain use an ice rink as a morgue?

The ice rink is called Palacio de Hielo (“Palace of Ice”) and it is located in Madrid. Spanish language newspaper El Mundo has multiple articles from April 2020 (article 1, article 2) which include ...
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Did Spain have 433.13K deaths in 2020 and 428.44K in 2019?

Thanks to Taladris' comment, the data source for Knoema's number is found on another page: The 2019 Revision of World Population Prospects is the twenty-sixth round of official United Nations ...
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Was the NGO Safeguard Defenders founded in 2016 or in 2019?

This question appears to be based on a simple misunderstanding of definitions. The founding of an organisation, and the establishment of a foundation under Spanish Law are two different things. ...
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Is a Belgian court letting Puigdemont sue for just 1€?

Yes, but that's not the main goal In this article in De Standaard, the main reason given by the lawyers is that they want the judge to admit that the conviction of Puigdemont and co was for a ...
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Did Spain have 433.13K deaths in 2020 and 428.44K in 2019?

The raw data are available from the Spain MOMO site at the "Datos" tab. The link labeled "aquí" here will give you a CSV file of deaths per date, either National or by region, ...
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Is Spain ”the second most mountainous country in Europe”?

The claim used to be true in a restricted sense and maybe forcing a bit the rules. In light of the list of countries by average elevation from Wikipedia, Spain had the second largest mean elevation in ...
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Did a building supervisor in Spain get fined for not showing up to work for six years, unnoticed?

Not only YES, but Super Yes The public worker, named Joaquín García, has "not been working" for 14 years for the public administration in Cadiz. His job was a quiet one, as his department ( public ...
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Do long working hours in Spain affect birth rate?

Hours Worked First, Spain does not have excessively long hours of work among OECD countries. Source: OECD.Stat: In fact, at 1,691 hours per annum in 2015, Spain is slightly below the median of 1,...
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Are the following Twitter quotes from Vox leader true?

(Partial answer: I'm leaving the third claim out for now. That one leaves the most to interpretation so I'm not sure this part is even answerable) Before we get started: 1) there are lots of images 2) ...
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Did Pablo Iglesias post this sentence on twitter?

The first match from that sentence seems to be from a Podemos reddit channel tittled "¿Qué pregunta para el cambio en Andalucía le harías a Teresa Rodríguez?" (trans. "What question to achieve the ...
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Do long working hours in Spain affect birth rate?

Disclaimer: This is difficult to actually prove without performing rather intrusive research into the lives of Spanish couples. For part 1: No, they don't work longer hours (source). They do, however, ...
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