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Can you have your lunch at your work-desk in France?

Yes, it is illegal for an employer to let an employee eat at their desk. Article R4228-19 It is forbidden to allow workers to take their meals in the premises assigned to work. It is the employer's ...
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Can you have your lunch at your work-desk in France?

It was previously banned and now it is permitted, as of 2021: Decree No. 2021-156 of February 13, 2021 temporarily adjusting the provisions of the Labor Code relating to catering premises now allows ...
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Is it true that "People Over 40 Should Only Work 3 Days A Week"?

The study seems unreliable to me but they do claim that. For working hours up to around 25 hours a week, an increase in working hours has a positive impact on cognitive functioning. However, when ...
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Was the United States the equal fifth deadliest country for journalists in 2018?

I have found three sources, which all give fairly similar numbers. I'll present them here: Committee to Protect Journalists The Committee to Protect Journalists has an interactive map showing ...
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Did a man in France sue his employer because he was bored at work?

This article, from the French newspaper Le Monde, explains that Mr Desnard was fired because of his prolonged sick leave due to his car accident. He is suing because he contests his dissmissal. His ...
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Does caffeine increase productivity in office jobs?

One study has made an analysis of the effects of caffeine on cognitive performance. See: I didn't read the whole study but it seems that has tested ...
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Are suicide rates among millenials increasing?

Suicide: Yes (New York Times, study), but not just millennials: Suicide in the United States has surged to the highest levels in nearly 30 years, a federal data analysis has found, with increases ...
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Did a building supervisor in Spain get fined for not showing up to work for six years, unnoticed?

Not only YES, but Super Yes The public worker, named Joaquín García, has "not been working" for 14 years for the public administration in Cadiz. His job was a quiet one, as his department ( public ...
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Were only half of US college graduates from 2006-2011 employed full-time in 2012?

Based on the Economic Policy Institute's analysis of unemployment and underemployment in recent college graduates, we can see historical annual data for young college graduates aged 20-24 who are not ...
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Do construction workers usually work for 14 hours a day in Dubai?

Working 14 hours in a day is not "usual". Human rights and health disparities for migrant workers in the UAE Health and Human Rights Journal says: workers often stay in this heat for up to 14 ...
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Will using auto-darkening welding helmets damage your vision?

I recently watched a YouTube video that held an answer. Auto-darkening helmets are actually permanently opaque to both UV and IR. You can test that by turning them to "grinding" mode, which turns the ...
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Can boredom at workplace be attributed to poor working conditions?

Naturally I don't know which particular study the author meant, and a large number examines the relationship between being distracted and boredom (a single search revealed hundreds), but this one ...
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Do team-bonding exercises promote distrust?

Actually there are studies showing the contrary This meta analysis shows the overall take-home message is that teamwork training is an effective way to foster teamwork and team performance and ...
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Do workplace performance appraisals and workplace goal-setting exercises hurt morale?

Current understanding for appraisals Appraisals which are not linked to monetary outcomes such as bonuses, promotions, or pay rises seem to have detrimental effects for some types of employees. ...
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