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for questions about claims based in Spain, or limited in Spain.

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Was the NGO Safeguard Defenders founded in 2016 or in 2019?

The Spanish NGO Safeguard Defenders claims on their website in different languages to have been founded in 2016. Safeguard Defenders is a human rights NGO founded in late 2016 [...] The foundation ...
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Did Spain have 433.13K deaths in 2020 and 428.44K in 2019?

In a related question the OP linked to this Knoema site to show that Spain has had no excess deaths in 2020 from Covid-19: I'm skeptical because the site doesn't cite any source for their info. ...
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Did Spain use an ice rink as a morgue?

I remember many articles about ice rinks being used as mortuaries, as COVID deaths were increasing. One of the more notable stories can be found here: Spain transforms ice rink into makeshift mortuary ...
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Are the following Twitter quotes from Vox leader true?

Recently Vox leader, Santiago Abascal, tweeted that the Spanish government was the worst government in the last 80 years, stating the following facts: Translation: 🚩 Never in 80 years has a ...
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Is a Belgian court letting Puigdemont sue for just 1€?

Carles Puigdemont is the Catalan president that fled Spain after the Spanish Supreme Court ordered his arrest for declaring independence of Catalonia from Spain. El Pais explains that Supreme Court ...
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Was there electoral fraud at the Catalan independence referendum?

The Catalan Independence Referendum of Oct 1, 2017, certainly has problems enough (deemed illegal beforehand, low participation, police conflicts, etc.), but apart from that - was there voter fraud ...
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Did a building supervisor in Spain get fined for not showing up to work for six years, unnoticed?

In this 2016 Huffington Post article, it says: For six years, a building supervisor in Spain quietly collected a $41,500 salary from his local government without showing up for work. And he would ...
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Do long working hours in Spain affect birth rate?

According to "Spain appoints 'minister for sex' to reverse nation's plummeting birth rate": Experts say long working hours and a culture of eating late at night and going to bed after ...
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Is Spain ”the second most mountainous country in Europe”?

One hiking book my family owns described Spain as the second most mountainous country in Europe. Several online sources claim the same: Spain then and now: After Switzerland, Spain is the most ...
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Did a US Navy ship demand that a lighthouse get out of its path, thinking it was another ship?

I've known for some time the joke about the American military ship insisting that another ship moves out of their way just to discover it was a lighthouse. I've always thought it was simply a joke, ...
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Did Pablo Iglesias post this sentence on twitter?

Did Pablo Iglesias, the leader of Spanish anti-establishment party Podemos (trans. "we can"), post this sentence on Twitter, as shown in screenshots which went viral? "Preguntémonos si es lógico ...
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Were two ballistic missiles fired from Spain towards Syria?

The Lebanese news sitem Almanar News cites an anonymous source claiming that two missiles were fired by US forces in Spain towards Syria. They were detected by Russia, it sparked an international ...
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Restoration of Jesus fresco a fake?

The story goes: A devout Spanish woman is being roundly criticized after taking it upon herself to restore a church fresco of Jesus, a ham-fisted attempt that left the piece looking like a ...
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Was torture and execution commonly used by the Spanish Inqusition?

A while ago the Vatican opened its archives and a report about the Inquisition was created that painted a different picture of the Inquisition than the one we're used to (news article). The report ...
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Is dyslexia unheard of in Spain?

I've been told that dyslexia is unheard of in Spain, and presumably other Spanish-speaking cultures, because Spanish is pronounced as it is spelt. Is this true? Example: Cases of dyslexia and ...
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