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Can light travel at 30x the speed of light?

An analogy: suppose there's a long line of swings. You run along the line, pushing each swing as you go. This will result in each swing being slightly out of phase with the one before it. There will ...
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Can a lightbulb once inserted into your mouth be safely removed?

While it's a bad idea to put fragile glass objects in your mouth, the primary assertion here is clearly false. First of all, there are at least five different YouTube videos where people try it out ...
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Does switching the lights off help avoiding mosquitoes?

Q Does switching the lights off help avoiding mosquitoes? In short: "yes", but with so much caveats that ultimately the needed qualifier is "but it's not effective". The caveats are: not all ...
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Are blue lights giving people cancer?

The thinking is that disrupted sleep results in lower melatonin production which through some unknown mechanism might make the body more vulnerable to the cancers. This is classical clickbait. Even ...
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Does looking at a monitor screen in a room with very low light source damage your eyes?

According to various experts' opinion, there's no evidence of permanent damage, but temporary strain, yes, e.g. according to this University of California-Irvine page A frequently made observation ...
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Are blue lights giving people cancer?

As far as I'm aware, there is a intermediate factor which could explain it: the circadian rhythm In the field of chronobiology, it has already been determined that light plays a major role in ...
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Are car headlights getting brighter?

Obviously, my source is looking at headlights. However if one has internet access you can look it up. Wikipedia seemed to have the most info in one spot but additional info at other sites would be ...
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Are blue lights giving people cancer?

From the University of Exeter link: A study led by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) and involving the University of Exeter found that participants living in large cities ...
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