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Can reading fine print cause damage to eyes?

The "damage" done by screens is in the form of eye strain. Your eyeball focuses by using muscles in the eye to change the shape of the lens within the eye, to properly focus incoming light onto the ...
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Is the solarized color scheme easier on the eyes?

Low contrast modes that rely on colour are not a boon, despite the design trends. Complementary colour contrasts may be perceived as strenuous but overall eye fatigue is reduced and readability ...
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Do night driving glasses make it easier to see at night?

Personal test experiment, (more of an extended comment than an answer)... Sometimes I have to drive a four door sedan at night, during times of sporadic traffic, in a town with curvy roads and hills ...
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Do night driving glasses make it easier to see at night?

There is some fairly old research suggesting that night-driving glasses, i.e. glasses with tinted glass, do not make it easier to see at night, and might even have a detrimental effect. Both acuity ...
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Does watching television damage the eyes?

No, watching too much television does not directly cause myopia. Walter Wood has debunked the theory that too much near work causes myopia. In his book The Ultimate Unification of Diet Health and ...
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Do mineral glass lenses on sunglasses block 100% of harmful UV radiations?

Most glasses block some amount of UV light, particularly the "harder" UV like UVC and UVB. UVC is not really relevant in the context of sunlight at normal altitudes, as the atmosphere, in ...
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Does looking at a monitor screen in a room with very low light source damage your eyes?

According to various experts' opinion, there's no evidence of permanent damage, but temporary strain, yes, e.g. according to this University of California-Irvine page A frequently made observation ...
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Does wearing contacts increase the risk of retinal detachment if you receive a blow to the head?

If any study has looked directly at this question, it should not be too hard to find, but I also am not finding it. The only direct expression of professional opinion on this I've found so far is in ...
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Were there army experiments to give humans infrared vision?

There was work done after WWII on this issue. Millard and McCann fed high levels of vitamin A2 to eight medical students at the University of Rochester School of Medicine; the control group of seven ...
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Will using auto-darkening welding helmets damage your vision?

I recently watched a YouTube video that held an answer. Auto-darkening helmets are actually permanently opaque to both UV and IR. You can test that by turning them to "grinding" mode, which turns the ...
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Has increased computer use led to increased myopia?

I think Oliver had it right with respect to the most influential environmental factor (light intensity). I was a bit skeptical because near-work was a long-time favorite environmental hypothesis and ...
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Is it harmful to your eyes to read in dim light?

No exactly like that, but the lack of outdoor/intense light exposure is an environmental risk factor in developing myopia. This factor is directly correlated with education, at least as currently ...
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