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Does Trump spend $10m/month travelling compared to Obama's $1m/month?

Here is an article From December 2016 citing $96m as President Obama's travel expenses over 8 years. Found here Watchdog: Obama's 'Vacation, Political Travel' Cost $100M Over 8 Years Cited article ...
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Do ice cubes with holes in them come from a purified water source?

Anyone with $345 can make ice with holes in it with this Portable Commercial Ice Maker Under Counter Built-in Ice Maker Machine with Freezer (and this isn't even the cheapest one out there by a long ...
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Have more people been to space than visited every nation?

Have more people have been to space than visited every nation? It depends on what means by "visiting every nation" and on what means by "going into space". The United Nations has ...
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Do airlines increase price on repeat visits?

Huffington Post But many travelers (us included!) say it’s likely bunk — that you will find similar flight prices whether your browser is cleared of cookies or not. George Hobica, who founded the ...
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Do Irish locals urinate on the Blarney Stone?

My source (I don't know the original) It would be impossible to urinate on the stone during the day, while the castle is open to the public, as it is always attended. There are usually plenty of ...
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Are fifth freedom flights more often discounted than regular flights?

This statement may have been true before the rise of low-cost carriers, and indeed, in the 2000s I occasionally caught cheap fifth-freedom fares like SIN-HKG on United or KUL-CGK on KLM that were ...
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Did Malaysia ever stamp "SHIT" on passports ("suspected hippie in transit")?

It's difficult to conclusively prove a negative like this, but this one does seem much more likely to be an urban legend than not, although it's probably based a number of related facts. First, I ...
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Did one of the 9/11 hijackers use a Conch Republic passport to enter the United States?

No. The Conch Republic is a self-declared microstate in Florida. As such, their passports would not really help enter the US. The US would not recognize them, or else they'd be admitting some other ...
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Does Sweden require a vaccination certificate for travel?

Sweden, which has had less COVID-19 restrictions than many countries, still uses a COVID-19 vaccine pass for travelling, attending indoor events and public gatherings. --- see below for update per ...
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Did two people get arrested for "manspreading"?

Two years later, in November 2017, there were numerous media reports of another man "arrested for manspreading".
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Did two people get arrested for "manspreading"?

According to ‘Manspreading’ tickets down 12 percent As of Sunday [28 May 2015], [New York, NY] cops had issued 1,430 violations to people who broke the MTA’s rules by occupying more than one seat and ...
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Did anyone ever do a round trip with a Concorde in a single day?

Fred W. Finn claims to have made not just two, but three, trips in a single day. He once flew between London and New York three times on the same day. - The Official Website of Fred Finn, the world's ...
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Did anyone ever do a round trip with a Concorde in a single day?

Yes, people have made the Concorde return flight on a single day. For example this CNN article, details the experience of a Richard Ford: "As a part of the detailed technical work it was ...
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Have 'a lot' of New Yorkers 'fled the city' to Florida?

As quoted in numerous stories in Florida papers today, March 24, 2020: "Today there are over 190 direct flights from the New York City area to Florida,” [Gov. Ron] DeSantis said. “I would reckon ...
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