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I would say that there are similar figures showing a similar trend (source) with the statistics directly available online at a .gov website. The President of the University of Missouri System has even directly acknowledged this trend. In real terms, college textbook prices have increased by 90% while recreational book prices have fallen by more than 35%.....


No Japanese source for this This is a one-of-a-kind card and there is no information in Japanese about its sale or current ownership. At one point a Yahoo Auctions listing was created with a $10 million (actually 998 million yen) price tag, but this was clearly not meant for sale but as a form of bragging. According to a Yugioh website there is no public ...


Huffington Post But many travelers (us included!) say it’s likely bunk — that you will find similar flight prices whether your browser is cleared of cookies or not. George Hobica, who founded the flight deals site Airefarewatchdog, says he’s “never seen any solid evidence“ of a cookie-price scheme system.


Acuity Analysis seems to have produced some other documents such as briefing for Unite the Union. Its web registration for seems to have been done from Cambridgeshire, which is consistent with the Companies House information combinatorics found. There does not actually seem to be any content there. Its online presence has all the ...

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