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Have textbook prices in the US more than doubled in the last 15 years?

I would say that there are similar figures showing a similar trend (source) with the statistics directly available online at a .gov website. The President of the University of Missouri System has ...
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Did a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament prize card sell for $2 million USD?

No Japanese source for this This is a one-of-a-kind card and there is no information in Japanese about its sale or current ownership. At one point a Yahoo Auctions listing was created with a $10 ...
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Do airlines increase price on repeat visits?

Huffington Post But many travelers (us included!) say it’s likely bunk — that you will find similar flight prices whether your browser is cleared of cookies or not. George Hobica, who founded the ...
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Would a no-deal Brexit cause the grocery shopping bill of an average UK family to rise by £800/year?

Acuity Analysis seems to have produced some other documents such as briefing for Unite the Union. Its web registration for seems to have been done from Cambridgeshire, which is ...
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