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Is "Magic: The Gathering" the world's most complicated game?

Magic: the Gathering is computationally complex, not "complicated" At least it's not "complicated" in a way that's been quantified by these sources. They appear to be confusing the ...
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Did a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament prize card sell for $2 million USD?

No Japanese source for this This is a one-of-a-kind card and there is no information in Japanese about its sale or current ownership. At one point a Yahoo Auctions listing was created with a $10 ...
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Did the French Revolution cause people to give the Ace (in a deck of cards) rank above a King?

For a primary source: The game of whist is an ancestor of bridge, and is a trick-taking game where aces rank above kings. In 1742 or thereabouts, Edmond Hoyle published A Short Treatise on the Game ...
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Is "Magic: The Gathering" the world's most complicated game?

The authors (Churchill et al) make a rather strong claim: Prior to this work, no undecidable real games were known to exist. By "real game" they seem to mean a game played with the rules ...
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Are there more 40-moves chess games than atoms in the universe?

The accepted answer is wrong, due to the fallacy of accepting a link to a another website as the truth, rather than actually doing the math. Particularly, the site
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Does Heads Up Texas Hold'em have more possible hands than atoms in the universe?

According to Superhuman AI for heads-up no-limit poker: Libratus beats top professionals Science 26 Jan 2018: Vol. 359, Issue 6374, pp. 418-424, Head-Up No Limit (HUNL) Texas Hold'Em has 10^161 ...
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Is "Magic: The Gathering" the world's most complicated game?

Yes, the claim appears to be true in a certain precise, technical sense based on notions of theoretical computer science. This may or may not correspond to the subjective human experience of a human ...
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Who coined "gamification" term?

The thesis GAMIFICATION AND THE CREATION OF ACADEMIC WRITER’S IDENTITY says The history of the term gamification is not necessarily a clear one. According to Burke; Nick Pelling coined the word “...
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