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Yes But only when counting manufacturing jobs, according to this data set of manufacturing jobs in Pennsylvania from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The GOP is providing figures for the date ranges of January 2017 - March 2019 (currently preliminary) for Trump, and January 2009 - January 2017 for Obama. The unemployment rate in Pennsylvania is 3.9%, which ...


From the European Environment Agency (an agency of the EU), Combined EEZ of >15 million km2, the largest marine domain in the world and [Overseas entities] also contribute to a significant extension of the European Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), 60% of which is adjacent to the EU overseas entities making it the world’s largest and most diverse marine ...


TLDR: from the little research there is on this (one paper seriously trying to eliminate confounders, many off-the-cuff options otherwise), there's still an unexplained "foreign fine gap" in FCPA enforcement, particularly when the SEC part of the (total) fine is included in the model. Confounders that were considered (but don't fully explain the gap) include:...

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