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There are several news reports 1, 2, 3, which are all mentioning this study, that is unfortunately not open-source. The findings were The research suggests an area covering 2.24 million square kilometers - roughly the combined land surface of Texas and Alaska, two sizeable US states - has been added to global tree cover since 1982. But it is also ...


This answer is now (relatively) complete. I have finally found an ExxonMobil document with a source. The document is here and the claim is mentioned in the first paragraph of page 20 of the pdf. Part of the paragraph is cited. Since 1970, ExxonMobil has cumulatively captured more CO2 than any other company - accounting for more than 40 percent of ...


The reason for this discrepancy is because the data from the Umweltbundesamt includes construction and demolition waste (see figure below and surrounding text on your linked webpage) whereas the data from the EPA "does not include everything that is landfilled in MSW, or nonhazardous, landfills, such as construction and demolition (C&D) debris, municipal ...

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