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Did Richard Feynman see Josef Papp's machine explode?

It is not a hoax. In 2022, a tribute site to Joseph Papp includes a contemporaneous source: Gardena Valley News, November 21, 1968 According to Papp; "The motor had been running for about 10 ...
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Was there an "understanding between King Abdullah and the Jewish Agency to partition Palestine between themselves"?

In 1921 Britain created Trans-Jordan and gave it to the Hashemites to rule over. Trans-Jordan is an arbitrary piece of the Arabian desert and Churchill famously boasted that he had created it with &...
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Did Voltaire drink 40-50 cups of coffee a day?

This is an answer not to address the claim directly, but the implications of the claim (and thus some of its notoriety) by providing important context. Drinking 50 cups of coffee in one day now has ...
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