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TLDR summary: the high-school science summary of thirst regulation (by salt) is correct, but it's quite incomplete as a thirst regulation mechanism in general. In (recent) animal research, faster pathways have been identified, e.g. eating promotes thirst proportional to eating time, well before any salt-induced osmotic changes can affect thirst. Since the ...


No direct evidence that I could find insofar, but MSG seems to enhance the subjective "saltiness" perception of food as well: MSG+ soups were rated as more salty (F(1,34) = 26·26; P ≤ 0·001) and stronger tasting (F(1,34) = 12·57; P = 0·001) than MSG– soups There was no direct question about thirst or a measure of water consumed thereafter in that study, ...


There are a number of studies that show the questioned effect that recruiters tend to rate those job seekers higher, which are more similar to themselves. In this article Rivera finds that recruiters favor applicants who are culturally similar to themselves: [...] evaluators constructed and assessed merit in their own image, believing that ...

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