Aldi Australia, a supermarket, recently stocked a vacuum blender - an appliance which blends food under lower pressure.

On the packaging, there are a number of claims about the benefits of vacuum blending:

Why vacuum blending?

  • Preserves nutrients
  • Lower foam and froth
  • Fresh flavour for longer

Are these claims valid?

picture of vacuum blender box

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    Claim 1) and 3) are generic to vacuum packaging of foodstuffs, and should be comparatively easy to source. Only 2) is specific to a vacuum blender. – DevSolar Jan 13 at 9:53
  • @Devsolar: I've never used such a device, but I don't think it packages the result into a vacuum. Another source of similar claims suggests that, by mixing less air into the fluids, there is less exposure to oxygen. even if it is stored in a normal jug. This seems the claim to be tested. – Oddthinking Jan 13 at 10:01
  • @Oddthinking: Whether you package something in vacuum or blend it in vacuum, the mode of effect is the same -- less exposure to oxygen. The difference would be gradual. As I said, the only thing that would have to be answered for a vacuum blender, specifically, is "lower foam and froth". – DevSolar Jan 13 at 10:56
  • The "less foam" part doesn't seem to me like a plus. Several recipes actively use the air mixed in from a blender to give the dish it's target properties - homemade ice cream being the first one that comes to mind. – T. Sar - Reinstate Monica Jan 13 at 10:56
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    @Oddthinking: Correct. It would take a) some insight into how oxygen denaturates vitamins and / or other nutritients and degrades flavor, and b) that blending in a vacuum results in the produce having sufficiently less oxygen mixed into it to make a difference (which sounds similar but is yet distinct from answering 2)). Alternatively, of course, an independent study into vacuum blenders vs. conventional blenders, but I guess that would be harder to come by in a form that properly eliminates other variables... – DevSolar Jan 13 at 11:45

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