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Are 42% of human deaths worldwide from abortion?

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Does prayer help to heal?

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Do bras prevent you from getting saggy boobs?

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When did people first know the Earth was a sphere?

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Is cancer a man-made disease?

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Is gun control effective?

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Do violent video games cause violent behavior?

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Are humans the only species that hunts down competitors, denies and destroys food for others?

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Do human activities contribute to climate change?

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Do active volcanoes emit more CO₂ than humans?

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Is it harmful to your eyes to read in dim light?

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Does being cold increase your chances of catching the common cold?

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Is spontaneous human combustion possible?

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Does chemotherapy make cancer worse?

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Do elevator manufacturers purposefully provide a door close button that doesn't work?

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Do we lose most of our body heat through our heads?

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Is Lamarckian evolution still considered credible?

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Does briefly searing a steak on one side before flipping it over once "seal in the juices"?

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Do secret societies that wish to bring about a new world order still exist?

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Are bees disappearing and why?

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Is it possible to overdose on Homeopathic medicines?

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What is the commonly accepted mechanism that causes people to experience pareidolia?

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Where can I find evidence for the prescientific-medicine-claims issued by James Randi?

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Was there a trick behind this magnetic therapy demonstration?

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Is refusing to decrypt data for the police illegal in England and Wales?

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How could Darwin be sure all life has a common origin

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Have any "cures" been invented since the 1950's or so?

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Is programming in Python faster than in C, C++ or Java?

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Are the claims of chiropractors independently verifiable?

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What experiment can I use to show that magnets do not 'make you stronger'?