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2021/07/31: To find a balance between that of full disclosure and that of showing good faith during the first few days 2021 PSE moderator nomination phase, I left my profile page essentially unchanged from what it has been for some time. Now that a few days have passed, the time has come to clean it up.

2021/08/01: I'm an old, retired EE with a keen interest in theoretical physics. When I first discovered PSE back in 2012, I dove right in and started writing answers to questions I felt comfortable answering. Then I started looking at questions that I didn't have an answer for, and I would research the question and write an answer to the best of my understanding. Sometimes I would wake up realizing that an answer I had written the night before couldn't be correct, and I would grab a cup of coffee and rush to my desk to try and fix it. I probably spent far too much time on PSE (and the EESE site too) but lord, learning (again) at that rate was addictive and fun!

(to be continued...)

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