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Here is an example of why learning monogrammar is important:

Manya. Vasa mī. Saman Fred. roughly means I think about Fred

Manya vasa. Mī. Saman Fred. roughly means the thoughts (within me) have the concept 💭 of me as a mental image 🖼 of Fred, which is a fever dream 😵‍💫 sentence.

Before learning monogrammar, testing communication is doomed to failure for a massive intelligence area of communication possibilities, because of how the languages of the researchers fundamentally work.

The simplest possible language is a monogrammar ☝️ language 📜. The grammar rule ➊ of a sentence existing is all the grammar needed. 😆

Directly translating a monogrammar ☝️ language 📜 into the non-monogrammar ❌☝️ languages 📜📜📜 humans 👥👥👥👥 have results in gibberish 😵‍💫.

Thus, in order to translate a monogrammar ☝️ language 📜, you need to know a monogrammar ☝️ language 📜.


Anyway, the point is, it is useful for communicating across intelligence classes 👤🐕🌲👽🤖📜, as it is modular, and easy to start learning. It can also be used as a reference for understanding common human languages. 😆

It is also impossible to reach the conclusion of monogrammar ☝️ incrementally for you 👈. Due to how your common language(s) 📜 fundamentally work ⚙️. This makes pre-planning the only method to detect 📡 monogrammar ☝️ for you 👈.

International Cross-Species Language

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