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Shadowy, lurking character with no fixed address.

The following typifies moderation on all stacks:

Rather lengthy. "Verbify" somewhat idiosyncratic. Recommended action is substitute "verbing" and condense the question more. – fertilizerspike

@fertilizerspike Bereft of the mandatory determiners, explicit subjects, finite verbs, and gentle courtesies which civil society has come to expect of polite requests and helpful suggestions, the impoverished written English of your comments’ stripped-down telegraphese risks the goodwill of our community here, a community who may well find your brusque tone far too unclear, unkind, or unhelpful for them to bother carrying out any actions you seek to encourage when conveyed to them in this sere and austere manner that you have adopted in such comments as these posted here. – tchrist ♦

Word to the wise, succinct and objective comments about content are frequently flagged as inappropriate and will result in banspension if you compete against a mod to get your answer accepted.

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