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Could some pacific fish (export, or migratory) be dangerous for those at-risk of certain cancers?
8 votes

I'll skip the "seems plausible" conjecture, and focus on the professor who says: The concern is that not any one person eating one tuna is gonna have a problem, but that over large numbers of ...

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Is food in Alberta, Canada contaminated with radioactivity?
7 votes

First, the limit for foodstuffs of Cs-134 and Cs-137 is 1,000 Becquerels per kilogram according to the linked page. The student (or the reporter) says that the IEAE limits are "1,450 counts in 10 ...

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Did Japanese people eat pickled fish eyes?
6 votes

This Japanese site (selling energy drinks) (English auto-translate) mentions that during World War 2 eyeballs were plucked from fish, dried, and sent to the Japanese troops as a source of vitamin B1, ...

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Is drinking a soda as bad or more harmful than smoking a cigarette?
0 votes

The BMJ says that even one to four ciggies a day almost triples your heart disease risk, and adds 50% to your chance of dying of anything (not sure exactly how express that correctly!). For being ...

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