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Can Drano in water bottles cause an explosion?
Accepted answer
25 votes

Sodium Hydroxide (which is the active ingredient in many drain cleaners, including Drano (Drano MSDS Here)) does indeed react fairly violently with aluminium to produce Hydrogen gas. 2 Al + 2 NaOH + ...

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Are old glass panes thicker on the bottom due to "flow"?
22 votes

Old glass window-panes are thicker at the bottom because the techniques to create glass with an even thickness are a rather recent innovation. Basically, Prior to the invention of the float-glass ...

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Can you dum-dum bullets using a knife?
13 votes

The rather entertaining "Box O' Truth" website did a pretty thorough test of this. Their conclusion: Lessons learned: Cutting "x"s in bullets is harder than you might imagine. ...

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Can anything remove fingerprints from your fingers?
11 votes

This is largely anecdotal, but it is certainly possible to temporarily obscure one's fingerprints by simply coating one's fingerprints using glue, or a similar liquid adhesive. I've had this happen ...

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Are microwave hot-spots real?
Accepted answer
10 votes

Yes, they are very real. There is a really great visualization of the microwave hot-spots from a bunch of different microwaves here, using extremely heat-sensitive raw Appalams. As a side, note, ...

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Do new loudspeakers require a “break-in” period?
5 votes

It seems a reasonable claim, based on what I know of speaker construction. For one, the voice-coil in speakers is supported by the "spider", which is made of fabric impregnated resin. As it is moved ...

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