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Lars Bosteen
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Job: Academic Director (ESL school) Qualifications: Ph.D (African Economic History, LSE), DipTESOL (Trinity College). Interests: History (ancient Greece, Persia & Rome, early medieval Europe), cricket, football, (old) films & film history + half a dozen others. Current time zone: GMT +8

Voting policy: I'll upvote any answer which is well-researched and has sources, appropriately used of course (even if the topic doesn't interest me much)

A few choice quotations:

'Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.' (Walter Lippman)

'I used to be snow white but I drifted.' (Mae West)

'Wrong is wrong, no matter who says it or who does it.' (Malcolm X)

'Je suis Marxist, tendence Groucho.' (anon., Paris graffiti)

'I'll give you a definite maybe.' (Samuel Goldwyn, attrib.)

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