Michael Teter

Broadly experienced solution provider interested in choosing and using the right tools for the situation (and learning anything quickly as needed)

Polyglot with special love for Clojure and Ruby, but also appreciation for Python (just get it done with low friction) and Elixir (functional, BEAM, but not nearly as lovely as Clojure)

Significant experience working with SQL and many databases, and significant experience filling in gaps - integrating disparate systems, writing in shell script or 4GL or any other tool that facilitates a reliable solution

Greatly prefer remote work, and 10 years of experience remotely working

Prefer contract work, especially "get in, solve a problem, and get out"; but also willing to go full time for a good company with a good culture

Highly focused on making things better: for people (colleagues, customers, clients), humankind, or the environment; using my creative and analytical skills to provide solutions that really matter, even when it just makes one other person's job/life easier

Generalist with motivation and capability to design and implement an entire corporate IT infrastructure as well as write code

Lover of music, listening and performing; lover of latin dance - salsa and bachata; lover of tasty food and wine

Fitness enthusiast with a special enjoyment of weight lifting, mountain biking, and tennis

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