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149 votes

Do the murder statistics of 5 cities bring the USA to the 3rd highest country, from 189th?

101 votes

Does Ukraine have biological weapons facilities?

51 votes

Are US colleges awarding more A-scores?

38 votes

Have more deaths occurred after Covid-19 vaccines than from vaccine injuries in the previous 15 years in total?

32 votes

Did the ACLU prepare a lawsuit against The Young Women's Leadership School of East Harlem for gender discrimination?

28 votes

Do women get cheaper car insurance?

26 votes

Is sleeping in a car with the windows rolled up dangerous?

26 votes

Is there an unusual distribution of adverse events by lot number for the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines?

24 votes

Did HHS admit that mandated childhood vaccines had not been tested for safety in pre-licensing inert placebo tests?

22 votes

Have there been no deaths due to omicron in Africa?

21 votes

Was the 2023 Ohio train derailment the 'worst environmental disaster in US history'?

19 votes

Can Russia's Poseidon nuclear underwater drone create a 500 meter tidal wave?

16 votes

Does acetaminophen use during pregnancy lead to children developing autism?

15 votes

Are less than 1% of all adverse vaccine events reported?

9 votes

Is ADHD a fictitious disease?

8 votes

Can vaccinating for COVID-19 cause a selection pressure for more virulent strains?

7 votes

Is prolonged/frequent use of mobile phones responsible for sperm reduction in younger men?

6 votes

Does a vaccine provide additional protection to a previously infected and recovered patient?

5 votes

Do surgical masks help prevent the spread of COVID-19 from infected members of the public?

5 votes

Did COVID-19 come to Italy months before the pandemic was declared?

5 votes

Do members of Congress get physical access to federally funded facilities?

3 votes

Do children of gay and lesbian couples have a lower high-school graduation rate?

2 votes

Does an Arrow 3 cost more than 10 times less than its closest US equivalent (SM-3 Block IIA)?