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61 votes

Is gonorrhea "on the brink of becoming untreatable"?

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Is a case of child abuse reported every 10 seconds in the USA?

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Did the CDC lose a Federal Lawsuit to produce evidence that vaccines do not cause Autism?

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Will the US military receive a 10% pay raise in 2019?

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Was 10-year old Australian girl assigned homework to discuss erections and ejaculations with her father?

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Did over 1000 people in the US die of cannabis overdose in 2021?

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Are outpatient surgery physicians in Louisiana required to have admitting privileges to a hospital within 30 miles of the clinic?

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Was life expectancy at birth in the EU in 2015 about 100 years?

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Is there a correlation between vaccination levels and new COVID-19 cases?

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Is there a wealth gap in Boston where the median net worth of white households is $247,500 while the median net worth for black families was $8?