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93 votes

Will the United Nations global compact on migration make it a criminal offense to criticize migration?

52 votes

Can a US President's declaration of emergency be overridden by simple majorities of both chambers of Congress?

9 votes

Did the UN warn "we have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe"

11 votes

Is this picture from the flooded cave rescue in Thailand?

132 votes

Does Condensed Milk Contain Milk?

19 votes

Did Canadian children sing the Islamic song "Tala'al badru" to welcome Syrian refugees?

42 votes

Was the passport of one of the 9/11 terrorists found, while "nothing else" from the airplane was recovered?

4 votes

Did Nirvana ever do a cover of "I Smell Sex And Candy"?

1 vote

Are pet RFID chips (eg: "HomeAgain") capable of fulfilling Revelations 13:16-17?

20 votes

Does German New Medicine work?

6 votes

Were G.I. Joe action figure ads not allowed during the telecast of the series?

18 votes

Can Drano in water bottles cause an explosion?