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119 votes

Was this 'carbon fibre' bicycle rim destroyed by a parrot?

70 votes

Is a woman more likely than a man to be seriously injured in a car crash of similar severity?

46 votes

In 1936, did brothers Mark and David Ferrow transition?

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Are chemicals used to ripen fruit in developing countries harmful to the health of consumers?

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Is this Indonesian man, Mbah Gotho, 145 years old, as he claims?

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Did CNN use "lightened" photos of Darrell Brooks?

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Were evangelicals rallied around abortion in 1978, as a substitute for segregation?

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Can defrosting vacuum-packed fish in its packaging cause botulism?

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Is their tax bill the single biggest cost of living for most households in the UK?

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Did UK police agree to drop sex-offense charges in exchange for an apology?

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Does Condensed Milk Contain Milk?

1 vote

Has Biden averaged 550,000 new jobs per month as president?

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Is it possible to get a reliable match from 'microscopic hair analysis'?

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Are unvaccinated people 10 times more likely to get COVID-19 than vaccinated people?

-2 votes

Is most truffle oil artificially flavored olive oil?