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Does driving a car in a lorry's slipstream increase fuel economy?
Accepted answer
22 votes

mythbusters found out it can increase fuel efficiency with 40% at 10 feet behind the truck http://mythbustersresults.com/episode80 Drafting behind a big rig will improve your car’s fuel efficiency. ...

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Should we remove batteries from electronic devices when not in use?
13 votes

Many devices when turned off still use a bit of power (e.g. to detect when the on button is pushed when there is no real physical power cutoff) leading them to become dead sooner than when you had ...

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Are some breeds of dog inherently dangerous, despite training?
10 votes

Cesar Milan, dog expert with a TV show, firmly believes it's the handler and training/raising (socialization in particular) and current "pack" of a dog that determines aggressiveness and general state ...

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Is it possible to stick a nail into your nose?
8 votes

It is quite likely true. It is a common circus/freak-show stunt. The skill is called the Human Blockhead. ("Skill", not "trick", because the nail is real and does go into the head.) Here's a video ...

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Can a 3D scanner work as shown in this youtube video?
2 votes

let me bust this by looking at the details of what's shown in the vid if you look carefully at the real thing at 0:14 and compare it with the copy at 3:36 you'll see that the shape of the head doesn'...

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