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!important HISS!!

Employed as a Web/DB dev primarily, though I've dabbled with the C family quite a bit. Obviously, this shapes a lot of my opinions on what is Good and Bad.

As such, I provide self-contained native solutions wherever possible, regardless of the sluggish bloat of a library that was requested.

Currently working on a light-weight js "library" with a very C-like design mentality. Will be Git'd once I'm satisfied with its core functionality.

Any code I am the license holder of AND which I have posted directly to Stack Overflow (such code is henceforth "Relevant Code") is under the WTFPL, rather than whatever license SO's agreement states, unless otherwise specified in the post containing the Relevant Code (or within the Relevant Code itself). Should Stack Overflow or any other party attempt to enforce an infringement to a license other than the WTFPL on such Relevant Code, they are acting in bad faith.

In other words (non-legal phrasing):
The code wants to be free, and SO is a public coding help site, not github. Use the code I post here (Stack Overflow) however the hell you damn well please unless I explicitly note there's limitations.

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