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Was the opposition of the Catholic Church to contraception based on the Homunculi theory?
2 votes

I'm extremely sceptical that St. Thomas Aquinas - or for that matter St. Augustine - had any notion of 'the wee man', because in the 1000 years of Christendom before the renaissance, there wasn't a ...

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Cohabiting couples more likely to divorce?
0 votes

There's more at stake than just the marriage itself, but the happiness within the marriage. There is a common belief that, although a smaller percentage of Americans are now marrying than was the ...

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Is asexuality real?
-2 votes

Recalling the teasing due to my 'eponymous' syndrome in 7th grade, there is such a thing as Turner Syndrome which leaves a person with a single X chromosome. Such a person would be asexual (...

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Would humans be more advanced if the Dark Ages never happened?
-6 votes

No, your question reminds me of everything they taught in public school which I unlearned when I started to read Chesterton. Here's his answer, from Orthodoxy. Quoted from this website ...the idea ...

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