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59 votes

Is there a relationship between the words "night" and "eight"?

39 votes

Is there reliable evidence that depleted uranium from the 1999 NATO bombing is causing cancer in Serbia?

27 votes

Is the Amazon rainforest the "world's lungs"?

20 votes

Is only 4% of original forest left in the US?

13 votes

Do four random common words make a stronger password than passwords like "Tr0ub4dor&3"?

9 votes

Does the source code of the software for a high-end car contain on average around 100 million lines of code?

9 votes

Did Capablanca accuse members of the House of Commons of cheating in chess in 1919?

7 votes

Is the source of the phrase "smoke test" electronic hardware testing?

6 votes

Are Americans more likely to be killed by vending machines than terrorist refugees?

6 votes

Are chemicals in plastic causing a significant reduction in fertility?

6 votes

Did French police fine homeless persons for not being confined at home in March 2020?

5 votes

Did a turkish man invent a steam engine 200 years before the industrial revolution and only made it to spin doner kebab?

4 votes

Are the "DHSC Communications Team" using bots to flood social media with posts showing NHS workers supportive of government policy?

3 votes

Is ice that makes a cracking sound safer to walk on than ice that doesn't?

2 votes

Are vaccinated children significantly less healthy than the unvaccinated, as recent study claims?