Objective to a fault.

I am formally a Cognitive Neuroscience at a Russell Group university in the UK, specialising in motivational processing (hedonics). However I now mostly work with major industrial partners, due to the amount of data available and because of the mounting issues inside academia. I have studied and researched psychology, along with statistics and research methods for over 10 years which culminated in PhD in Psychology and Neuroscience with a focus on motivational processing. I have extensive experience in mentoring, teaching, counselling and working with both neurological damage, mental health issues, and learning disabilities.

I'm passionate about logic and reason, as a consequence I believe that improving the language and evidence we use in psychology is fundamental helping individuals understand psychology. Options and suppositions all too often prevail in popular culture when discussing psychological functions or mental health. In the contemporary environments there are huge amounts of research detailing how the brain processes information and how this influences our thinking and behaviour. We need to continue to move away from opinions and feelings, and toward evidence and facts.

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