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Zach Mierzejewski
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  • St. Louis, MO

I program with the .Net stack (VB.Net mostly, but C# when needed), administrate SQL Server databases, "fix" a wide variety of software and hardware, and do anything else needed in the office.

Lately, I've been doing more data analysis work in Python. I aggregate, validate, and analyze large quantities of time-series energy data. My work has been used to detect hidden problems with equipment on large campuses. Fixing these problems saved significant amounts of energy and money.

At home, I love to play with our puppies! (They're fully grown, but still our babies!)

When I have the time, I enjoy working on cars and trucks. I maintain our house as needed (and sometimes "improve" it) and help friends with side projects. I sometimes dabble with Arduinos to control various devices around the house, such as dampers, lights, and kilns.

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