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344 votes

Did Yuri Gagarin end up in critical condition after coming back to Earth due to the missing magnetic field?

281 votes

Are some oceans so remote that the closest person is in the space station?

208 votes

Is this photo of a road detouring around a tree authentic?

169 votes

Was Donald Trump at ground zero helping out on 9-11?

143 votes

Was the Holocaust legal?

131 votes

Is there plastic microfiber in 83% of tap water?

102 votes

Are most cases of polio derived from the polio vaccine?

96 votes

Is it theoretically possible to sail from north east Russia to Pakistan in a straight line?

88 votes

Did a Tesla car collide with a Russian robot?

84 votes

Can the US be powered by a 100 miles x 100 miles solar grid?

83 votes

Has fluoride been classified as a neurotoxin?

80 votes

Is there reliable evidence that depleted uranium from the 1999 NATO bombing is causing cancer in Serbia?

78 votes

Did Michelle Obama have a staff of 23 people, while Melania has a staff of 4?

78 votes

Was Eddie Van Halen's tongue cancer caused by metal guitar picks?

73 votes

Does a return economy-class seat between London and San Francisco release 5.28 tonnes of CO2 equivalents?

70 votes

Was EU flag's design inspired by the statue of Virgin Mary?

62 votes

Has Boris Johnson ever referred to any of his opponents as "traitors"?

61 votes

Do Black Lives Matter donations get funneled to the Democratic Party?

59 votes

Did smallpox emerge in 1580?

49 votes

Do more Americans want the Bidens investigated than Trump impeached?

44 votes

Did raising a Japanese freighter by means of ping pong balls happen?

43 votes

Has the FTSE lost more value in 12 months than the UK has paid into the EU during the 45 years since they joined?

32 votes

Have we wiped out 60% of vertebrate populations since 1970?

31 votes

Did more than 900 people die of measles in Madagascar since October 2018?

29 votes

Does washing hands with soap remove more germs than plain water?

26 votes

Is this an old church being destroyed in France?

25 votes

Does it take two weeks for a single man to produce enough sperm to impregnate every fertile woman on Earth?

25 votes

Can Russia's Poseidon nuclear underwater drone create a 500 meter tidal wave?

23 votes

Did Soviet soldiers commit two million rapes of German women in 1945?

20 votes

Did Bruce Lee have to slow down his punches to see his movements on camera?