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IPv6 deployment is 13 years behind where it should have been. If you think disabling IPv6 is ever the correct solution to a problem then you are part of the problem. If you ask how to disable IPv6 you can expect a downvote from me. If you suggest disabling IPv6 as a solution you can expect a downvote from me.

In 2014 I applied a logistic growth model to the numbers published by Google and predicted that 2018 Sep 1 would be the first day Google saw more than 50% IPv6 traffic and 2019 Jan 18 would be the last day Google saw more than 50% IPv4 traffic.

Since then IPv6 adoption has been slowing down while problems caused by IPv4 shortage has been getting much worse.

Should you ever want to give me remote access to a machine, my ssh public key is:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDM1Ot12ThbTcPOGpfh7AiRqp3P4BMm3DNo4mDg7gDFPwCmM9rKRHTH0fBVSqkSGlXm84q29bckDukg7vfqkbTpbkP3e2YmTkP6p1J2SoX2QMUnBRRgL9It/ZiAfA2I4QzUrcywVvokO1F2DqcRLy5e5wKTUFfvIm6D2QfBmGbnW2Kkpn16hQyLT1ClXjFC1qXUhazePv0cAtWUCUGjRcLr/ipOphS7eOB46cGhYqtbMkKx0t93ZG4f6jM0o32cYy3RqprpZpTmCeG1gDyG+IlSLBYXYggr72iwTKsTZ9pMDTCBQ8Pb7l317TPOcJzTtDxnpgpGE3x4Vu/Ww+zhsIeT kasperd 2014 May 24

Sometimes I wonder if this xkcd comic might actually be inspired by StackExchange.

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