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Quinn got hooked on programming in a computer introduction course. For over 20 years, he's never gone more than a couple months without programming something; even while getting a degree in physics. Quinn has always been looking for ways to improve the code he writes, and the code of fellow developers. After being introduced to FAST Agile (http://www.fast-agile.com/), TDD, and XP practices - he's become a vocal advocate for their adoption.

After an opportunity to learn from Object Oriented Programming from Fred George, Quinn has taken these practices to heart. His blog (https://QuinnGil.com) exists to record his experimentation of Object Oriented Programming. Less than a year after glomming onto actual Object Oriented Programming, Quinn coined "MicroObjects" (https://QuinnGil.com/uobjects/) as a development style to produce highly maintainable code, quickly, with a low defect rate.

You can find Quinn in front of his computer via twitter @TheQuinnGil or [email protected].

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