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119 votes

Were pen cap holes designed to prevent death by suffocation if swallowed?

111 votes

Does a COVID-19 test in USA cost consumers more than $US3000?

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Is Alberta ending coronavirus restrictions because of failing to provide evidence of SARS-COV2 virus existence in court?

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Do the majority of doctors in the USA support hydroxychloroquine use for covid-19?

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Did Louis Pasteur keep a gun in the laboratory while developing the rabies vaccine?

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Is seemingly bare-hands surgery (with no instruments) fake?

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Did a school or college in the United States ban backpacks after a shooting?

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Does glass allow UV-A rays to pass while blocking UV-B rays?

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Do anti-snoring acupressure rings reduce snoring?

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Did farmers adopt cars faster than inhabitants of cities?

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Was heroin originally developed as a cure for morphine addiction?