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130 votes

Is the infant mortality rate among African-American babies in Youngstown, Ohio greater than that of babies in Iran?

80 votes

Did Joe Biden "stop the prosecution" of his son in Ukraine? And did he brag about stopping the prosecution?

22 votes

Did the UK homicide rate go up after handgun ownership was banned?

9 votes

Did people in ancient times, who survived childhood and were not killed in wars, have roughly the same chance to reach old age as contemporary people?

9 votes

Is Iran in compliance with JCPOA?

9 votes

Do most locations have an infection fatality rate less than 0.20% from Covid-19 (and less than 0.05% for those under 70 y.o.)?

8 votes

Is over-reliance on wind energy the real reason PG&E is cutting power?

7 votes

Did Spain have 433.13K deaths in 2020 and 428.44K in 2019?

3 votes

Was the Dow Jones average more unstable after 2017 than in the preceding post-2008 years?

3 votes

Were the measles outbreaks of this decade caused by people not vaccinating?

2 votes

Did the Indian Mathematician Aryabhata state that the earth was round and calculate diameter of earth

1 vote

Are electric chairs powered by generators connected to the mains in the same building?

1 vote

Do women pay more than men when buying cars?

1 vote

Was Obama's JAMA paper the first academic journal article authored by a sitting president?

0 votes

Are people unable to go to school because they can't afford uniforms?

0 votes

Has there been a 1101% increase in excess deaths among children aged 0-14 across Europe in 2022?

-1 votes

Did the Snowden leaks result in the death of American diplomats?

-2 votes

Was the 2009 swine flu pandemic five times deadlier to children under 18 than COVID-19?