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26 votes

Has Trump's administration been making more human trafficking arrests than the Obama administration?

25 votes

Was Tommy Robinson transferred to a prison with a 71% Muslim population?

22 votes

Did Putin threaten to have traitors assassinated?

11 votes

Did the Obama administration halt processing of Iraqi refugees back in 2011?

10 votes

Were 51,000 Pennsylvania jobs lost under the Obama administration?

9 votes

In Kentucky, did one man beat up another man after they both bought the same woman's vote?

7 votes

Was the Highlands Ranch shooting the 115th mass shooting in the US in 2019

6 votes

Do companies sometimes sabotage their products before selling them?

4 votes

Were men in the USA, from Muslim countries, required to register with the federal goverment?

2 votes

Did 304 US soldiers kill themselves in 2009 compared to 149 killed in Iraq?

2 votes

Have the ratings of right-wing talk radio hosts not been consistently established?