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Are thousands of Islamic terrorists entering the United States?
11 votes

In order to be a terrorist, a person must have committed an act of terrorism. Since 2000, there have been 14,000 terrorist events committed. Assuming 10 terrorists per event, that leaves 140,000 ...

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Has a carbon price lead to a 8.6 percent drop in electricity demand in Australia?
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2 votes

No, the claim as presented in that quote is incorrect. The initial claim was an 8.6% drop in CO2e emissions from generation, not an 8.6% drop in generation. While the government believes the 8.6 ...

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Does hydrogen-infused water have these health benefits?
-3 votes

Yes, the product in question is (very slightly) an antioxidant. It does have all of those stated health benefits. The health benefits do not spring from the water being an anti-oxidant, but your ...

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