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How long do COVID-19 vaccines last?
3 votes

Six to nine months is a conservative estimate of how long antibody levels will remain high. is a good resource to look at for ...

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Were Facebook employees unable to enter their own building to fix router problems, during a recent (six hour) outage?
64 votes

It took "extra time" to get onsite. From Facebook's report about the outage: ...these facilities are designed with high levels of physical and system security in mind. They’re hard to get into, and ...

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Are people with a PhD least likely to be vaccinated in the US?
102 votes

The graph accurately represents the survey result but the survey cannot be taken as an accurate representation of the true position. If you follow the link to the paper that Unherd has you'll see the ...

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Does vaccinating people who have already had COVID-19 improve their immunity against reinfection?
4 votes

While not evidence of clinical benefit, there is evidence that vaccination could boost immunity against variants. The abstract of

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Do 90% of employees who accept a counteroffer still end up leaving after a year?
110 votes

There is no recent study to back up that claim As you (and others in the comments to that Workplace.SE answer) noticed, none of the articles cited have any citations themselves. While looking into ...

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Are claims about saving power by turning appliances off instead of leaving them in standby accurate?
Accepted answer
14 votes

Answer: Yes, you can save that much. £90 really isn't that much over the course of a year - about 25 pence per day. According to this website The price of electricity in the UK in 2013 averages ...

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Is this measurement of data to grains of rice accurate?
2 votes

The rice here is an analogy, not an actual way to measure data If you do a search for "David Wellman Myriad Genetics presentation", you can easily find a link to the presentation he gave, ...

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Is this picture showing an eagle flying upside-down genuine?
128 votes

It's definitely possible for an eagle to be upside down during flight. Here's a Youtube video titled "Bald Eagle barrel roll". It shows some eagles playing or fighting or something and doing barrel1 ...

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Does child rearing by homosexual couples have any measurable negative effects?
Accepted answer
19 votes

TL;DR Version: There are some significant problems with the APA's claim in 2005 that there are no negative effects. Further research (with larger sample sizes, more representative participants, more ...

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Do the Amish have a lower rate of autism?
Accepted answer
12 votes

While researching this question, everything I found tied back to the Olmsted article. In Wikipedia's article about the "Amish anomaly" it mentions that these claims (of the Amish having a ...

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Is standing near Lake Karachay for an hour fatal?
Accepted answer
22 votes

ONE HOUR ANYWHERE NEAR IT AND YOU'RE DEAD This claim is probably too broad and the information is outdated, but the general idea is correct. A quick search revealed a few relevant details: From ...

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Does Ebola pose "little risk to the U.S. general population"?
24 votes

The WHO website has some good information about Ebola. In particular, Ebola then spreads in the community through human-to-human transmission, with infection resulting from direct contact (through ...

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Do styrofoam cups cause health issues?
1 votes

If you follow the IARC link in the Wikipedia article, you'll find this evaluation: 5.5 Evaluation There is limited evidence in humans for the carcinogenicity of styrene. There is limited evidence in ...

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