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85 votes

Has the Trump administration revoked these listed LGBT protections?

83 votes

Has the US COVID-19 lockdown resulted in more years of life lost than COVID-19 itself?

60 votes

Does the President of the United States have the ability to deploy nuclear weapons at will?

53 votes

Did Ohio pass a law granting students the right to give scientifically wrong answers consistent with their religious beliefs?

46 votes

Did Bernie Sanders never "earn a steady paycheck" before 40?

20 votes

Has Trump, as of January 2020, used military force less than any other president since Jimmy Carter?

12 votes

Is there more police brutality in cities controlled by the Democratic party?

10 votes

Did 80% of middle class families' tax burden decrease in 2018 because of Trump's tax cuts?

9 votes

Did Secretary Clinton suggest killing Julian Assange with a drone strike?

7 votes

Is every elected US president related to George Washington?

7 votes

Did “thousands of Gazan citizens” join the 2023 Hamas attack on Israel?

6 votes

Did George W. Bush spend 32% of his presidency vacationing, versus Barack Obama's 5.2%?

5 votes

Does illegal immigration change the U.S. electorate as claimed by Larry Elder?

5 votes

Are environmentalists largely responsible for Californian forest fires?

3 votes

Have there been no long lines or price hikes for gas in the eastern US?

2 votes

Did Bill Barr attempt to visit Ghislaine Maxwell the day she was arrested?

2 votes

Do more Americans want the Bidens investigated than Trump impeached?

1 vote

Was it traditional for MPs to fully recline on a House of Commons bench?

-8 votes

Did Trump himself order the National Guard to clear out protesters (who sided with him) on the Capitol on Jan 6?