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Is it possible to induce a lucid dream?
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18 votes

I didn't believe this myth could be true, but i guess Stephen LaBerge (Ph.D) proved me wrong. There's an article about him on www.lucidity.com on which he explains it is possible on how to make it ...

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Are added nitrates and nitrites in our diet harmful?
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6 votes

First of all, Nitrate and nitrite are considered hazardous, and there are legal limits to their concentration in food and drinking water. From the Institute of Health Sciences, VU University, ...

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Do taste buds become less sensitive as you get older?
4 votes

From Care 2 Like all the other cells in the body, those special sensory cells that make up the taste buds eventually wear out. As we age, the taste buds begin to disappear from the sides and roof ...

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