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Did the US Government invent ebola to test bioweapons in Africa?
34 votes

EBOV, SUDV, RESTV, TAFV, and BDBV1 The natural reservoir for ebolaviruses is undetermined[1], but the current hypothesis is bats, as several bat species have been discovered capable of carrying the ...

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Did Christians burn the Great Library of Alexandria?
Accepted answer
21 votes

The Library of Alexandria was destroyed/heavily damaged at least four times. 48 BC: Julius Caesar accidentally burns the library when he sets fire to his ships and the fire spreads from the docks. (...

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Are there any underground cities in the United States?
Accepted answer
8 votes

For a generalized listing: Underground city Beijing's Underground City was built as a bomb shelter. The Shanghai Tunnels connect the basements of many hotels and bars in Portland. Several cities, ...

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Is listening to music while studying distracting?
1 votes

According to focus@will, the answer is that it depends on the music in question. f@w is a music service claiming to use neuroscience to sequence their music to enhance concentration: f@w has ...

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Does listening to music while working improve mental ability?
-1 votes

The service focus@will is based on the concept of music improving your focus, allowing you to perform better and longer on tasks which require it. The music they use isn't Mozart, but it is (according ...

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