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Did Jesus live?
6 votes

There is actually quite a few references to Jesus in books from antiquity. The second chart also puts the New Testament in comparison to other ancient works. SOURCE: The Verdict of History, Gary ...

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Can overheating laptops cause fire?
4 votes

There was the infamous 2004 - 2006 Dell Laptops that had to be recalled because they literally caught fire. 4.1 million Dell batteries had to be recalled because of faulty batteries http://news.cnet....

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Is this "ancient Hebrew leather manuscript" seized by police in Turkey authentic?
2 votes

Probably Not Ancient text and manuscripts were almost exclusively made from either Vellum or Parchment or Papyrus. It is only during the late 14th century that the paper that replaced these things got ...

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Do around 2 billion people eat insects regularly?
-1 votes

Lets consider some of the OP's claims. insect consumption is commonplace in the tropics, while in temperate zones it is often absent This just seems to be factually incorrect. Regardless of what you ...

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Was there a downturn in the South African economy after the end of apartheid?
-1 votes

There is parallels to how communism in ended in Russia and how Apartheid ended in South Africa. To put it plainly South Africa was broke. Very few countries where willing to do business with them. ...

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Do teachers make more per hour on a career basis than doctors?
-2 votes

The average salary of teachers differ tremendously between different states. So at the very least the fact that the statistics the OP mentions says nothing about state specific salaries for teachers ...

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